Who we are

The GCMHE NGO branch is the focal point of the UN Secretariat for NGOs that have consultant status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and for NGOs seeking status.


Our goals are as follows:

  • Support for non-governmental educational organizations
  • Improving the quality of education provided
  • Improving the availability of quality education
  • Control of provided education
  • Control of accreditation associations
  • Reporting false or insufficient accreditations
  • Intergovernmental support


The Global Commission for Monitoring Higher Education provides a partnership between the US Secretary of Education and the private education community that allows free access to education for all without distinction.

The Global Commission for Monitoring Higher Education focuses on monitoring and quality control provided by accreditations by accreditation associations, associations and councils. All approved and verified accreditation associations, associations and councils are constantly renewed for clarification and correct selection of the educational institution.

With an open global space for all students and all educational institutions, the Global Commission for Monitoring Higher Education must control the quality of education and accreditation provided within accreditation associations.

The market for accreditation is not regulated in any way, which is why the Global Commission for Monitoring Higher Education was established, which focuses on the quality of accreditation and the detection of false accreditation associations that provide higher education accreditation.

All false accreditation associations and associations are reported to the Ministry of Education or, if they operate abroad, by the bodies concerned. The Global Commission for Monitoring Higher Education has an international reach and operates under the auspices of the UN, which makes the Global Commission for Monitoring Higher Education a completely independent supervisory body, which only cares about the quality of education provided to protect against false accreditation associations.


Through the CSONet network, we facilitate the participation of non-governmental organizations in most intergovernmental processes taking place inside and outside the UN headquarters. In New York alone, approximately 7,000 NGO representatives attend these events each year.

Technical Assistance: With support from the UN Development Account, we carry out limited capacity building activities with civil society organizations.

Our branch is part of the Office for the Promotion and Coordination of ECOSOC (OESC), a division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) of the United Nations.

Within DESA, we help facilitate the registration of educational NGOs to many ECOSOC subsidiary bodies, such as the Education or Development Commission, the Population and Development Commission, and the Sustainable Development Commission.

In addition to DESA, we work with the UNOG NGO Liaison Unit in Geneva, the UN-Women’s Commission on Women’s Status, the UN-NGLS, relations with the NGOs DPI, OHCHR, the Office for Disarmament, UNAIDS, the Office of the President General Assembly and other UN agencies and programs.

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